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in the last month or two I've begun trolling thrift store bookshelves, and I've probably doubled my book collection since then. it was definitely time to invest in a larger bookshelf, and here are the results :) I'm really glad I found this community, I was going to start one with this precise idea if it hadn't already been done.

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We are moving!!

We're moving next month from a one bedroom to a large two bedroom so I'm actually going to have a proper home library in the 2nd bedroom:) We're hopefully lining two walls and a corner with bookcases from IKEA and I'll have a comfy chair and reading lamp in there too. 

Pictures will of course be posted when my new project is completed:)

shots of all my bookshelves

Here are pics of about 3/4 of my books. Some of them are in piles all over the house & on top of my card catalog cabinet.... and some of them are on a couple of bookcases that weren't there when I originally took these pictures earlier this year :)

First, the basement:

I *love* my globe bookends! This is a bookcase full of sets (the stuff at the bottom is a set of Walter Kaufmann books, painstakingly assembled by me from divers internet sellers).
sets of things
Another "set" bookcase, for the Great Books series (I love reading my Victorian translations of the Greeks! Even if I am still stuck in the midst of Euripides.)
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I love looking at people's books.

I just organized my shelves! So, here's mine:

My unread lesbian fiction books and the beginning of unread non-lesbian fiction.

The rest of unread non-lesbian fiction.

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I hope to see everyone else's soon!

Introduction Post

 Hi everyone!!

I figured since I'm the moderator of this community I should post something on there.  I love LOVE books. I could have a kindle or a Sony reader but I'd rather hold a real book in my hands. I know this kind of goes against my environmental beliefs but its a price I pay.

Anyways here is a photo of my sole bookcase

My Bookcase

I read a lot of Urban Fantasy but I do have a few Classical Fantasy series I like too. This isn't all of my book but it is the bulk of them so far. I do have to get another bookcase (IKEA Billy I LOVE YOU) plus we'll add glass doors and lighting

My books are currently shelved by Authors last night and I am very anal by having them lined up on the edge. When I get my other bookcase my non fiction will be shelved loosely based on the Dewey Decimal System.

I can't wait to see other LJ'ers bookcases and book storage solutions/ideas


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